Poem: a memory

Title: a memory
Author: harricislife
Pairing(s): Cedric/Harry
Character(s): Harry
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Warning(s): Suicidal Thoughts (kinda)

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to these characters or the series they’re from.

Summary: Harry hurts, and he remembers.

Author's Note: Sorry.


You are a memory;
a picture, a portrait;
a photograph, I don't have.

Your smile still in my mind;
the shock still in your eyes;
the moments they repeat, bright yellow and sickly green.

You are a tragedy,
wherever I look, it's all I see;
in movements, in whispers,
in flickering shadows, no one else sees.

You are a victim, and punishment inflicted,
in my tears, in my screams, and in this ache,
I didn't know was there to begin with.

You are a martyr, a war cry,
a courage that many need;
in the air, on the ground,
in many thoughts, on many lips, you have their loyalty.

You are a friend lost, a son gone;
a love had, not entirely.

To them.

You are a hurt, undefined;
a sorrow, inexplicable;
a mystery to my heart, a love I never had.

To me.

Sometimes when flowers bloom,
sometimes when snow falls,
always, in my sleep,
you haunt me, like the rest,
and all I can do is weep.

You are a eulogy;
a hero, many aspire to be;
shining, shining bright,
gone, gone so soon your light;
we mourn you, mourn we do.

In deep waters, in siren song,
I hear your voice calling to me;
one day I might listen to it, one day I might heed your call;
until then, you will remain
a memory.

I wanna forget you, I can't.

I wanna remember you, I will.

I wanna love you, can I?

I wanna be with you, in time.

( a memory (ao3) )

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